DSG Clutch Replacement

6 & 7 SPEED DSG clutch replacement by a fully qualified technician approved by the [IMI] Institute of the motor industry, and fully equipped to deal with all VAG group diagnostics.

We have the correct LUK toolkit that enables trouble free removal &  installation and subsequent setting up of the DSG clutch clearance values prior to installation, and being accredited offer we full guarantees on replaced clutches

All vehicles are code read prior to installation to check for other issues including the mechatronic itself which is contained within the gearbox which primarily deals with k1 & k2 clutch operation and the operation of the gearshifts across odd and even gears and reverse

We can also change the dual clutches for other garages that are not authorized or qualified and equipped to deal with this type of  clutch system [trade rates available]

Guide price range from £995 + vat fitted

Booking is always required 01502 586502

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