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Reconditioned Gearboxes, semi-autos, automatics, CVT’S, DSG’S, 4×4 transfer units & differentials . Ideally situated for gearbox repairs in Lowestoft, Yarmouth and Norwich and surrounding areas of  Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridge.

National Gearboxes are Manual & Auto Gearbox Specialists. Please Call for Auto Prices


Selective gearbox repairs available on VAG Group CVT’S and DSG’S. We do need to code read your vehicle first and establish the root cause IE loss of drive, faulty mechatronic faulty TCM, Blown forward drums, Clutches , Variators & Solenoids or pumps.

No one wants a dead ramp! If you have a MA type Citroen or Peugeot gearbox or a Fiat Punto 1.2 – 1.4 petrol engine 5 speed gearbox, Honda Jazz or certain 5 speed Hyundai’s. National Gearboxes can offer a while-you-wait gearbox repair, bearing job only, to the trade from just £175 + Vat. You need to bring the gearbox to us for this service.


Fastest possible service for the trade. Simply call and we pick the gearbox up from your premises in one of our vans within Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, and Cambridge. Outside of this area UK collection & delivery will be via UPS or similar. All units must be drained of oil & palletized. With average turnaround times when we collect 24 -72 hours [ We no longer use TNT !]

Automatics: Popular Boxes: BMW, JAG, VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, RANGE ROVER.

ZF 5 HP FROM £1450 + VAT, Exc fitting
ZF 6HP FROM £1750 + VAT, Exc fitting
09D FROM £1650 + VAT, Exc fitting
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Camper Van Gearbox Specialists

National Gearboxes are the only UK company that can modify the Fiat, Citroen & Peugeot gears from the [ML type] gearboxes when commonly the gears are no longer available from the main dealers. The engineered solution fixes crunching into gear, not jumping out of gear. Caused by water ingress or just wear & tear [Lates 90’s & Early 20’s]

We modify the actual gear rather than removing the backs from the synchros

Some parts are available for the MG Types [integral diff] but 1st & 2nd Gears are not modifiable 3rd , 4th & 5th are.

For the even earlier ME5 Types help is now available for crunching-into-gear, the ME types look significantly different.  If they are jumping out of gear we are unable to remedy that with new parts. The ME5 Predates ML & MG Types.

Need advice call 01502 586502

We are still observing social [2 Meter distancing], please bear this in mind when visiting our workshop and masks required.  

Get a a quote on all manual & automatic gearboxes, DSGs’ CVTS, transfer units and differentials. 01502 586502 or use the contact form

All gearboxes are built on site here, whether it’s a gearbox repair, recon or re-manufactured, it is built by us, there are no middlemen!