Audi 0b5 7 Speed DSG

Audi 0b5 7 Speed DSG dual clutch [DL501 ]

The OB5 7 speed DSG is complex and expensive to repair , if you have been to dealer and asked for a repair you will normally get a quote of £7500 + and upwards as they tend not to repair and just replace,our repair service is much cheaper than the full cost of a replacement, it normally breaks down to the primary 3 reasons Electrical & Electronic , Mechanical or Hydraulic , As in Mechatronic , Clutch or pump less common is the mechanical manual gearbox that is fairly reliable, To ascertain the problem we need to code read first and look at live data and decide the best way forward,

The gearboxes are quite heavy at @150 KGS and need special lifting gear to remove and refit the bigger engines ones can be difficult  due to the exhaust set up an the need to remove manicat especially on the supercharged versions ESD precautions need to be observed in regards to the mechatronic unit.

Our service is open to the general public and main dealers & independents alike, steer clear of cheap Chinese repair kits that do not originate from Audi


Clutches and mechatronics can fail from 40 K miles and upwards , oil service schedule need to be observed although in reality it just maintains the dealer warranty and wont really cause the problems you are likely to encounter

Case study due on Petrol and Diesel versions online soon which will take a greater look at problems that are commonly found




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