Citroen Relay 6 speed Gearbox New OEM

Citroen Relay 6 speed Gearbox, New OEM

Great van but the gearboxes are finite and often fail in quite a bad way with damage to the clutch cover [bellhousing] and internal damage to the gear set with teeth of either induced by bearing failure or just high mileage and associated wear through the hardening and metal fatigue , the dealer prices for a new unit can be as much as £5700 + vat excluding fitting. We can supply these new OEM as pictured for £2200 + Vat. Which is a considerable cost saving, the gearbox pictured was for a 63/64 plate mileage unknown? When faced with this damage its makes more sense to buy a new unit versus the recon or repair.

For the same type of gearboxes which have the 2.3 engine, the original bell housing may need to be swapped over, if it is suitable the cost may vary for the 2.3 size engine.

The unit pictured was supplied by us to a main agent in Scotland

Call 01502 586502 for further info.

Citroen Relay 2.2 6 Speed new gearbox back view

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