Ford Mondeo 6 speed

Ford Mondeo 6 speed

Failed @ 70k miles, 2nd Clutch, 61 plate

Symptoms were crunching into and jumping out of 1st gear, the cause was excessive wear of the 1st gear dogs, worn out synchro and worn out outer hub all of which needed to be replaced. The parts are readily available within a few days. If you have gone to the trouble of removing the gearbox on one of these its fairly prudent to replace the dual mass and self-adjusting clutch if needed as its quite a labour-intensive [ costly] job to pull the box out at a later date to replace the clutch.  we have the correct kit to install the SAC clutches and currently or until March can offer a 3-year warranty on new LUK clutches and dual mass systems for this car when fitted by us.

Changing the oil will do nothing if your gearbox is jumping out of gear!

Ford Mondeo 6 speed Gearbox showing worn out dogs on 1st Gear


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