Fiat Ducato Camper Van Gearbox

Fiat Ducato Camper Van Gearbox


Crunching into gear is all the all-to-common problem for this type of vehicle. Old age and general wear and tear is one reason, the other is due to water ingressing the gearbox via the scuttle drain off and entering via the selector seal on the top of the box.  [its simple enough to relocate the drain off] Parts for these vehicle are often [NLS} no longer sold by the Fiat agent but we able to source and obtain new genuine OE parts to replace the worn out 2nd and 3rd gears  4th and 5th gears, bearings and seals are readily available

Edited 22 06 2018 **

**Most gears are no longer available** Applies to the entire range Citroen, Fiat & Peugeot.

We have a solid fix for these in terms of crunching which does not involve taking the back off the synchro. We can keep them in service.Prices are from £850+ vat  loose Fitting is £400 + vat and £150 + vat  & per modified gear please call if you want further info and if you local pop in and we will show you how it’s done.

If the selected gear is also jumping out, this fix is not available



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