Movano 5 speed PF1 AA 011


Movano PF1 AA 011 5-speed Gearbox

Quite an early 5 speed Movano in with complete loss of reverse gear and 5th gear. On closer inspection when the gearbox was stripped down the reverse & 5th hub was sized in its free position on the main shaft. all other gears from 1st to 4th were functioning, combined with heavily worn bearings which are typical for the PF range, you can see the most worn out was the pinion with large pits.  The hard parts from Vauxhall are in the region of £330 and 2-3 days from the factory. the bearing kit (8) & seals (2) £200, overnight from our supplier. This box is predominantly tapered bearings throughout  &  requires shimming up per-shaft,  which pushes this gearbox into a £750 + vat rebuild with these faults. If it was just bearings it would have been £450 + vat as a repair.

Movano 5-Speed PF1 AA 011 REVERSE HUB & 5TH HUB

Damaged 5th & Reverse Gear hub

Movano PF1 AA 011 Worn Pinion Bearing

Pits on the worn out Pinion Bearing

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