BMW Midland Mini R50 Gearbox

Mini One – Cooper Midland R50 Gearbox

This particular 5 speed gearbox is from the rover family, modified by BMW for the R50 range until 2004 when it changed to the more expensive 5 & 6 Speed Getrags. The midland type pictured here was in for a re-bearing [6] 2 main shaft, 2 lay gear & 2 on the Diff. Common problems are a loss of drive, when the pressed on crown wheel slips the diff carrier, crunching almost any gear & catastrophic failure when driven too long on noisy on bearings, which is down to the driver.

Syncros are a mix of sintered surfaces and friction lined multi-part synchro’s. we recommend refilling with ATF Dexron II

Re-bearings £300 + Vat
Reconditioned £550 + vat

Please note bent clutch forks are additional we don’t recommend trying to remove them on-site [at fitting centers] as it can break the clutch housing 01502 586502

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