Range Rover Front Diff

Range Rover Front Diff [TDV8]

Not the worst we have seen by a long shot! The interesting part was that it had been running without pre-load and the head and tail bearings [tapered]  on the pinion itself had an elliptical wear pattern and not something you would expect to see if everything is running straight and true. Much cheaper to repair at this stage and a lot cheaper than the main dealer, with the dealers charging over £1000 + vat for an exchange diff excluding fitting. National Gearboxes can much improve on that price and supply and fit for £895 + vat. We rebuild the diff onsite but the fitting will be done at HWB Automotive who is a Land Rover – Range Rover trained master technician.  [The diff must be serviceable to use this price I.E Rebearing and re-seal ]

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