Peugeot 206 gearbox problems


 Peugeot 206 gearbox problems

Gearbox problems occur across the entire Peugeot range the image you can see is the top case removed during strip down, it shows the entire gearset with reverse idler [gear on its own] and the main shaft and lay gear still in-situ.   The integral differential is also in place which is secured under an intermediary plate.

Common Problems

  • Laygear Bearing
  • Loss of drive [normally in extreme cold]
  • Mainshaft Bearing [pinion end]
  • Differential bearings
  • Crunching Gears
  • Low oil – causing the gearbox to burn out.

Gearbox repair or reconditioned gearbox?

It depends on how long the gearbox has driven with a noise, the longer you leave it the more damage will be done and the cost increases. As a “bearing only” job which this was. It would cost £240 + Vat. We always stock these bearing as they are very common across a huge range of gearboxes. A full Reconditioned Gearbox when parts are unserviceable will cost you £450 + Vat

Peugeot 206 Gearbox ProblemsPeugeot 206 laygear & Main shaft with gears labelled ma type

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