02Q Gearboxes

02Q Gearboxes

Golf O2Q – HDV Reshim

This last week has seen all the common faults with O2Q Gearboxes the earliest was a 55 Plate Golf with an O2Q – HDV Coded box.  In for a clutch at the local garage and to query a noise in 5th and 2nd gear. The apparent or rather visible fault is excessive play in the input shaft @ 2-3 mm of travel. What this allows is the input shaft to move backwards and forwards within the gearset and touch other gears hence the noise. The cause of this the top laygear bearing spinning within the case and slowly milling out the case. The fix is some old school engineering, gear dressing and new bearings cost wise £695 + vat

Passat O2Q – NFU with Start-Stop

The next O2Q Gearbox was out of a 61 plate Passat with stop-start, the clutch had failed and started milling out the front case [ Clutch housing ] so much so that it penetrated one of the pinion or main shaft bearing casting areas and allowed the oil to leak out. Luckily the driver stopped driving the vehicle on hearing a noise and prevented the gearbox from burning out, this also saved considerable money versus the full price of recon unit [£1200+ vat] and National Gearboxes were able to re-case and re-bearing for £900 + Vat


Damaged O2Q Clutch Housing due to clutch failure

Damaged O2Q Clutch Housing due to clutch failure both the O2Q code NFP &  O2Q code NFU


Not so lucky! With the same fault as the Passat above the car was driven with a failing Clutch and increasingly low oil due to leakage. The end result was a burnt out gearset which is unserviceable, as the extreme heat burns through the gear hardening. The remedy is a different unit rebuilt to recon standards, critically with same code NFP or it causes ratio problems which in turn tricks driver aids like the economy settings and visual aids like gear change indicator. £1200 + Vat

We stock some of the more common Later O2Q , Blue motion exchange Stop-start boxes Codes are NFU, PFL, PGT, & LNZ £1200 + VAT.
This a considerable saving against the main dealer price and ready for next day shipping which is free within Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridge,  outside of these areas additional charges may apply when we use overnight freight [TNT]

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