5 speed punto gearbox

Punto gearset showing upgraded bearings

5 speed punto gearbox

From a gearbox builders perspective this is one of the more simple gearboxes. Easy to take apart with only a few tools. Upgraded bearings are readily available for the input shaft and main shaft (pinion). The original bearings are just ok, not built for longevity. (New puntos have failed with less than 20,000 miles on the clock). The input shaft front (nearest the clutch housing) bearing is not a million miles away from what you might find in a washing machine! You can see a built gearset above with upgraded front bearing & pinion bearings ( cylindrical rollers as opposed to the OE ball bearing which fail much quicker). You can also see part of the fork assembly attached & ready for insertion into the clutch housing (AKA) front case. It’s standard for National Gearboxes to always use the stronger upgraded bearings in all punto petrol engined 1.2 or  1.4  5 speed & the extended 6 speed box

With the correct tools total strip is 10 minutes or less. (I have built 100’s of these).

Uniquely for a gearbox company,  I will show you & explain how we do it at National Gearboxes!

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Author: Jay Richards , Managing director, National Gearboxes Ltd.  Image copyright: Jay Richards  

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