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M32 Gearbox Repair . M32 VXR Gearbox Repairs

The M32 is fitted to a wide range of vehicles and across brands, which include Vauxhall, Fiat & Alfa Romeo. Most commonly they wear bearings which can cascade down and damage other components such as the 6th gear pair, the top case and ultimately the entire gear set, if driven whilst noisy for excessive periods of time.

The M32 I will talk about now has been badly built by another company, glaringly obvious was a retainer clip left of sixth gear. It also looked like only the top bearings had been changed & perhaps 1 part of the 6th gear pair. This is evident because the damage caused when bearings have worn out can allow shafts to run off axis, and the evidence was still visible.

damaged 6th gear M32

Pictured above: damaged (off axis) 6th gear M32

Surface pitting & high milage indicators

Next up you can damage on 1st gear, even partial loss of teeth. Once the hardening applied to gears starts to wear through, micro pitting starts to occur , this spreads much like a mould would. As the pits open up it exposes the much softer & untreated metal below. This wears at much quicker rate. Pitting is more evident on the pinion bearing itself.

Damaged M32 first gear and pinion bearing wear

Pictured above: Damaged M32 first gear and pinion bearing wear

The final curtain that made this gearset scrap

The laygear was also worn with evident pitting and teeth damage. The gear that is arrowed is what sends forward motion to 1st gear. Without all the damage to gears & shafts this would have been a good candidate for rebuilding into stock

Damaged M32 laygear on first gear

Pictured above: Damaged M32 laygear on first gear

We do not recommend doing these in situ,  bearings needs to replaced, gear sets fully stripped down & cleaned. Each shaft is individually re-shimmed as they use tapered bearings which need a certain amount of preload

Bearing job only £450 + Vat (When suitable)

Full recon £750 + Vat

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